Twenty first century is the century of Knowledge explosion and so all the societies are expected to be Knowledge societies. In a knowledge society, it is our responsibility to create and generate knowledge and to use and re-use this knowledge. Knowledge can be attained in various ways through education, information, intelligence and experience. Along with knowledge exploration, importance should be given to human education in our curricula. The four pillars of education mentioned in the Jaques Delor Commision Report viz Learning to be,Learning to know, Learning to do and Learning to live together also gives emphasis to value based education. Education humanizes, enables and inspires higher ideals and values bringing confidence in human beings.

Educational programs need to be focused on upgradation of life skills that promotes a healthy lifestyle that is essential for a meaningful participation in society and for discharging day to day responsibilities. Thus the role of teachers is very significant in Knowledge creation and in propagation of human values. It is the joint responsibility of teachers and students to build a Mighty India mighty in culture, mighty in thought, mighty in action and mighty in its service to humanity. Also remember the clarion call of Swami Vivekananda Awake, Arise and Act for the nations.


Vision Without Action Is Just a Dream
Action Without Vision Just Passes the Time
But, Vision and Action Can Change the World

Dr. Alka Sharma (Principal)